Sacramento, CA

Sacramento is the fastest-growing city in California. On a typical day, 16 people move there. All these people need a place to live, work, and spend their free time.

City officials are taking a proactive approach to accommodating these new residents and have tried hard to rein in new developments before all available land is filled with suburban sprawl. These efforts have so far had mixed results and the area remains mostly suburban. City officials are hoping that Sacramento can retain its population by offering residents something they cannot get elsewhere in California: more affordable housing and shorter commutes.  

The construction industry has so far done a good job of building new housing, with the residential sector making up more than half of all new developments. The city is set to pivot to the infrastructure sector in the next two years, as roads and bridges across the area need to be modernized. There are also incentives for green energy and mixed-use developments in the pipeline. To meet this demand, contractors in Sacramento have been drawing in labor from nearby markets.  

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* Other structures include religious buildings, amusement, government communications, and public recreation projects.
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