Portland, OR

Despite a slowdown in Q2, Portland is expected to have a strong market over the coming years.

Residential looks to be key factor in the expected reduction over 2019, dropping 12.3%; however, this will be offset with gains in the healthcare and education sectors. Overall, the sectors are expected to continue bouncing between highs and lows, although the effect of new legislation to impose rent control remains to be seen. As noted in our previous report, Portland is pushing the boundaries of construction technology with the new eight-story Carbon12 building, which is reported to be the tallest commercial structure in the United States constructed from timber. Overall, transport continues to be the most active sector in the region, with multiple projects in the top 10. Unemployment remains low at just over 3%, but the labor market remains tight with the contracting community reporting continued difficulty finding the required skillset. 

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* Other structures include religious buildings, amusement, government communications, and public recreation projects.
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