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New York-Newark-Jersey City

The New York metropolitan market is currently as strong as it has been for the past three years with strong growth in most sectors.

The continued development of the West Side of Manhattan continues to progress and shows no sign of slowing down in the next 24 months. The hospitality sector has shown continued growth within the region, with many being part of larger mixed-use developments anchored with luxury residential. The multifamily market in transient geographies is replacing the over saturated luxury market in terms of volume. The infrastructure and transportation sectors have held extremely steady over the past five years and is forecast to continue in the region with large spends at all major airports and substantial upgrades in ailing rail and road networks around all major regional cities. Top projects in the area include the Long Island Sound Tunnel ($55.4B), Second Avenue Subway Project ($14.2B), and the Gateway Tunnel ($13.0B).

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