Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

The Dallas market has seen a continual year-on-year increase in construction volume for the last 5-years +, posting a 4.1% increase in construction volume in 2017.

2018 looks to continue that trend albeit at a reduced market activity increase of 1.6% before adding a further percentage point in 2019. By far the biggest sectors, housing and infrastructure, continue to be the mainstays accounting for approximately 70% of the overall construction volume. Spending in construction in Dallas is far above both the state and national averages and this is without impacts of potential key project such as the Hyperloop One-Texas triangle. The market shows no signs of slowing down and in comparison Houston is showing that the Texas market is still a hot market. Construction employment has increased considerably in the last 12 months with almost a 10% increase in labor entering the market however this appears to be market specific with the housing market still reporting skilled labor shortages, which has subsequently driven the pace of price increases above the other Dallas construction sectors.

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